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We reopen the day 18 May with all the necessary standards and safety recommended by DGS!
The management has done everything to welcome our children and collaborators safely.
There are no perfect people or schools, but we strive for the good of all!

Rules - Covid-19


College located in Oeiras in Cascais line easily accessible and surrounding parking.
You have the nursery valences, including nursery, and kindergarten.
It has pedestrian access to the beach and Municipal Garden Oeiras.
The College is located near the Oeiras train stations, Santo Amaro de Oeiras and leaning against the marginal.


– The College D. João de Castro was born in 2002 and has an educational project, recognized by parents, daily entrust us with their children, today being a reference in preschool education.

An exemplary group of educators and assistants is a recipe for success, which maintain contact with the latest educational techniques. Concern for children is a constant, looking for a harmonious development, the well-being and learning consonant with its growth stage.

All this from lots of fun and affection so that they can always, feel at home.

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ordered, Parent greater attention and care to the college gates.

The gates should always be closed for greater safety of your children, which depends heavily on your attention.

The responsibility of the College ends when the children are given to the parents in accordance with Article 15 the Rules.

The College thanks once again for your cooperation


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