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The College D. João de Castro was born in 2002 and has an educational project, recognized by parents, daily entrust us with their children, today being a reference in preschool education.

An exemplary group of educators and assistants is a recipe for success, which maintain contact with the latest educational techniques. Concern for children is a constant, looking for a harmonious development, the well-being and learning consonant with its growth stage.

All this from lots of fun and affection so that they can always, feel at home.

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Vowels??? What is it??? Let's find out- the !!! Reguilas

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https://amenteemaravilhosa.com.br/avos-nunca-morrem-ficam-invisiveis/ Link: https://amenteemaravilhosa.com.br/avos-nunca-morrem-ficam-invisiveis/

Mother's Day – 7 of May

  Good Afternoon Mothers, Let's celebrate "Mother's Day" on 7 of May, the 8.30 at 10:00, with a breakfast served by the College, as always! Bread, sentiment, cakes, cookies, cereals, fruit, stiff, cheese, candy, butter, tea, coffee and milk. We look forward, Mother!

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class tennis tomorrow!